Wonder Cement Cares

Education & Health

School Adoption

Wonder Cement, in partnership under state government's Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, has adopted 20 Govt schools since Oct 2012. Financial assistance of Rs. 1 lakh per school per year is being provided and so far Wonder Cement has given Rs. 40 lakhs. This partnership has augmented essential facilities like separate toilet for girls & boys, drinking water, pathways, furniture, minor repairing etc. in schools. Tangible changes have happened in these schools.

Education Kit

1024 school students are provided with a complete set of stationery and notebooks packed in a school bag during academic session 2013-14. Students in need are provided sweaters, dresses and sports kits.

Health and Family Welfare

Family Planning Program – Beneficiaries of National Family Planning Program are provided incentive through a Wonder Cement partnership with District Health Society, Chittorgarh. More than 90% women take sterilization as a family planning option. 1319 patients of Nimbahera block in 2012-13 were given woolen blankets in addition to the cash incentive of the Government.

Health Camps – Health and eye check up camps are organized in surrounding villages and medicine is given in the camps. We give financial assistance to Government health centers in surrounding villages and we maintain the health centers.

Infrastructure Development

Community Centre

Wonder Cement has constructed a community center for the village of Rasulpura and the existing hall was renovated. Earlier, villagers used to face problems in organizing common festivals and marriage programs. Now this community center has become very much useful for the villagers. Construction of a community center at Phalwa and Lasrawan village is also being planned.

Drinking Water Arrangements

Wonder Cement supports water tanks, water pipe lines and the installation & repairing of submersible pumps to provide drinking water to Government schools and the community in 10 surrounding villages.

Village Infrastructure development

Wonder Cement also partnered with the Government's Jan Sahbhagita schemes to improve facilities at crematorium sites in eight villages. Drinking water tanks "Pyau" for animals are renovated with a proper drainage system to improve the hygiene of villagers. Financial support for construction or renovation of temples is provided. Financial support to Gram Panchayat is also provided to conduct development activities as per their plans.

Swacha Gaon Nirogi Gaon Program

This sanitation program aims to stop open defecation in villages Wonder Cement signed a tripartite agreement with Zila Parishad, Chittorgarh and two NGOs experienced in the sanitation field to support the construction of 1000 individual household toilets. With the help of the third party NGOs, sanitation facilities are being constructed in seven villages near the plant area (Rasulpura, Peerkhera, Phalwa, Bhattkotri, Borakheri, Sangria & Badoli Madhosingh).

So far 327 toilets have been constructed as per the standard design of government sanitation program . Awareness programs for better hygiene practices are planned to increase toilet usage and make these villages free of open defecation.

Women Empowerment

Sewing Training Centre

Wonder Cement is providing sewing training to women & girls at their village. This center has shifted from village to village after completion of each batch. They get quality training from trainers who are experts in tailoring art. Women have started garment making, which helps in their earning. Most women stitch salwar suits, mobile covers, bags, foot mates, paper holders, table covers, tiffin covers etc. So far, Wonder Cement has trained 179 women through eight batches in four villages.

Women & Child Development Program

Four Anganwari Centres of nearby villages have been renovated and a child-friendly environment has been created. Playing & learning materials are provided. Walls are painted as per the curriculum of pre-school learning.

Self Help Groups of women are created to connect them with income-generating activities.


Environmental Protection

The Wonder Cement plant design is based on the latest environmental norms and it incorporates highly efficient and state of the art pollution control equipment. Installation of bag house and ESP has enabled the plant to be clean and dust-free. Effluent and sewage treatment plants of 15 M3 /hour and 20 M3 /hour capacities have been installed. Treated waste water is reused in the process/ greenbelt and is not discharged outside the factory.

Wonder Cement is one of the best cement industry in India.

Green Belt

A green belt of about 1,15,000 trees, shrubs and herbs has been developed and several lawns dot the township, mining and plant areas and nearby schools.

Water Harvesting

Wonder Cement is committed to managing its water resources efficiently. Rain water harvesting structures have been constructed in the plant, mines and Government schools to recharge the ground water.

Sustainable Journey

Sustainable Journey