Life at Wonder Cement

Life at Wonder Cement

Life at Wonder Cement

At Wonder Cement, we put people first. We value individuals because we know that our collective success is only made possible through our own personal successes. Attracting those who share our beliefs, a company culture has emerged with shared values of meritocracy, family and community. Read on to learn more about your life at Wonder Cement.

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Wonder Cement Careers

Hear Your Own Voice

Are you an engineer with great ideas? Are you a sales expert with something to share? Well, the Wonder Cement team is ready to listen. Raise your opinions and we promise they will be heard because we understand that the best ideas are never produced in silos. Nothing is more powerful than a meritocracy of ideas.

Work at Wonder Cement

Work-Life Balance

When work gets in the way of a healthy and happy life it ceases to be productive, which is why we take a number of measures to help our people maintain this crucial balance. Employees can avail a range of benefits from medical insurance to company trips. Our facilities include a hospital, shopping complex, outdoor sports facilities and a fully air-conditioned township with round-the-clock gated security. Employees and their families are actively involved in festivals & events and we're always searching for ways to improve.

Community Builders

Community Builders

People at Wonder Cement are, above all, good citizens. Keeping the environment as clean as possible has always been important to Wonder Cement, as we undertake extensive tree plantation drives. Moreover, we take our corporate responsibility to heart through the various community-building activities that we support. Employees take pride in this work and often volunteer their time to help others less fortunate.

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