My Perfect Shuruaat

Amit Sanganeria - MyPerfectShuruaat

Amit's #MyPerfectShuruaat – Stepping into fatherhood

I could feel my world change the moment I held my son for the first time. No number of adjectives would be enough to describe that amazing feeling. It was utterly life-changing, amazing, humbling, happy, scary, incredible, exhausting and uplifting.

People always say that becoming a father is the happiest moment in one’s life and in hindsight it probably is, but the moment itself really just feels surreal. I couldn't believe he was finally there and that he was "mine". The fact that I was now his dad was just too big to grasp at that moment, but I did feel this overwhelming feeling of responsibility for this tiny little human.

I had never before felt so grown! It added another purpose to my life.

I remember seeing his face and his shiny eyes looking straight into mine, whispering "hello", and thinking "I can't believe he's actually here".


Anu Sharma - MyPerfectShuruaat

Anu’s #MyPerfectShuruaat – Helping the furry friend

During one of my routine morning walks, I found a small street dog at roadside – badly wounded and bleeding.
It seemed as if his current condition was due to a brawl with other street dogs, he appeared to be taking his last breath. At first, just like other pedestrians, I walked away feeling helpless. But my conscience made me walk back and attend to him.

First, to ease his pain, cleaned his bleeding wounds using my water bottle and bought a packet of bread to feed the little guy. Then I called up Animal Aid and asked them to treat the poor creature. I stood by him till the time the vehicle arrived to pick him.

I can still remember his sad eyes, full of agony, when the helpers were taking him. After a month, during regular morning walk, I noticed a fluffy, furry bundle towards me wagging his tail frantically. He started jumping and dancing around me. It took me a while to realize he was the same street dog whom I’d helped few weeks ago.

 And that was his way of gratitude.

That was #MyPerfectShuruaat of discovering unconditional love and humanity!

-Anu Sharma

Sita Ram - MyPerfectShuruaat

Sita’s #MyPerfectShuruaat – Growing with Wonder Cement

I was excited to finish my bachelors, just like everyone else. After graduating, like the most of us, I wanted to begin with a glorious career and not spend another 2 years bound within a classroom. I wanted to go experience new things, take up challenges, and be a part of something big. I wanted to do my bit and help a big organisation become even bigger.

I’d consider myself lucky that I got the opportunity to serve the decorated Wonder Cement family. Within days, after my training period, I was involved in major projects including the new line-2 development. The work culture here pushes me to deliver my best work. Joining Wonder Cement was certainly #MyPerfectShuruaaat for the growth of my career.

-Sita Ram Sharma

Vinod Kumar - MyPerfectShuruaat

Vinod’s #MyPerfectShuruaat – Thriving at a dream job

Born in a small village I was never trained to think beyond getting formal education. But I was always an ambitious child. After getting my degree from University, I moved to Delhi and got my first Job in Banking Sector for operational work. I was very happy and mesmerized to see the standard of MNC companies and their work culture. I found my job very frivolous and was not satisfied. That’s when I decided to move out for bigger and challenging opportunities. Wonder Cement was kind enough to provide the opportunities which I was always seeking.  After completion of almost 4 years in Wonder Cement Limited, I can say proudly that I’m very well on my trajectory towards achieving my career goal. And hence, Wonder Cement is #MyPerfectShuruaat

-Vinod Kumar


Ruchira - MyPerfectShuruaat

Ruchira’s #MyPerfectShuruaat – Getting career back on track

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I could no longer pursue further studies due to financial constraints. I taught in primary schools to earn some money and be productive at the same time. I attained motherhood soon after my marriage and even though I had a 3 year old son, my parents and my husband inspired me to complete my higher education. So, I took up MBA and successful in completed it in 2010.The big challenge was to get a good job and my search ended in July 2010 itself when I got a chance to work with R.K. Group. That was a dream comes true for me.

And that indeed was #MyPerfectShuruaat in terms of career.



Bhagyashri Pokharana - MyPerfectShuruaat

Bhagyashri's #MyPerfectShuruaat – Travelling to unchartered territories with the love of her life

I always wanted to travel around the world, to experience different cultures and to see new horizons.
I was lucky to find that my husband shared the same passion! We’ve travelled a lot together and the memories and experiences we have gained travelling are truly priceless!

And that was #MyPerfectShuruaat into a beautiful journey called relationship

-Bhagyashri Pokharana

Deepal Soni - MyPerfectShuruaat

Deepak’s #MyPerfectShuruaat – the birth of fatherhood 

My heart filled with cheer and pride as Drishya, my beautiful daughter, muttered her first word “maa”. That innocent face made me realize I was reborn, as a father this time.

-Deepak Soni

Mayank Sharma - MyPerfectShuruaat

Love, the best gift anyone can ask for

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. In my experience the perfect gift that signifies love came in the form of my parents!

-Mayank Sharma

Manish - MyPerfectShuruaat

Maneesh's #MyPerfectShuruaat to daily motivation

My daughter, she gives my day a dazzling starts when she wakes up, hugs me and says “Good Morning”! Holding her in my arm gives me a reassuring feeling that today will be a good day.

-Maneesh Goyal

Fahad - MyPerfectShuruaat

Fahad's #MyPerfectShuruaat to a fruitful career

Just like in a journey, life seems vague without milestones. Till date I’ve conquered many of them starting with my first job.

After being promoted at work, my success multiplied and I kept achieving new milestones. I got married, bought a new car and became a father within a very short span. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I see my adorable daughter and beautiful wife smiling at me as they sit in my new car. It’s a feeling of contentment which is beyond words. This fruitful journey began with me being selected during campus placements at my MBA college. All these high points are my moments of #MyPerfectShuruaat to something even bigger.

-Fahad Ramporia

Dhanjay - MyPerfectShuruaat

Dhanjay's #MyPerfectShuruaat of seeing his daughter's beautiful soul

It was DIWALI time of 2002. I came back from office and was parking my car as I saw a poor family with some household items sitting there, 2 kids and a mother crying and complaining that their temporary hut was destroyed by government officials. I talked to them and went upstairs to my flat on second floor and explained the situation to my wife. She had also noticed that there is something wrong downstairs. I told my wife to bring some biscuit packets to give to the kids. My 4-year-old daughter, who was listening to us, brought some fire crackers which were purchased for her for the festival and said to me to give them also.
The kids were happy with the surprise and mother was blessing repeatedly. During night I saw my daughter standing at the window looking downstairs, where the kids were enjoying fireworks. I asked my daughter what she was looking down, but saw tears in her eyes and a sweet smile of satisfaction on her face. This was #MyPerfectShuruaat at experiencing with a beautiful soul.

-Dhanjay Singh. B.Parmar


Shikha - MyPerfectShuruaat

Shikha's musical #MyPerfectShuruaat

“A happy employee is a high performance employee”
Music has always been my passion and I am quite high on penchant with music. This is my leisure activity and it unwinds my stress. Getting JBL Speakers "As employee of the month" absolutely goes in sync with the motto of our company” Ek Perfect Shuruaat”.
It gives me immense joy every time in listening to my favourite sound tracks.

-Shikha Goswami


Krunal - MyPerfectShuruaat

Krunal's #MyPerfectShuruaat of finding a lover

I still remember how subtly she conveyed her love
Story:  It was a day of 1st July, 2013 (EK SAATH TERA), I was proposed by a Girl for being a life partner in diplomatic way, I exactly remembering the conversation

She asked: “What is today’s date”
I replied: “1st July, 2015” in Gujarati Local Language
She asked: “Speak in Hindi”
I replied: “EK Saat Tera”
She replied:”I want it”
It was a moment of happiness; I cannot express it in words. From that day my life was totally changed and got married to her on 14th of Dec, 2015.
That day was my #MyPerfectShuruaat, a life changing day.

-Krunal Patel

Ankit - MyPerfectShuruaat

End of struggle and beginning to something bigger is Ankit's #MyPerfectShuruaat

After 3 years of struggling, Wonder Cement Ltd. appointed me as an employee.  “Jr. Officer (Materials)”. That was the happiest moment for me and my family.

-Ankit Jangid


Sudhanshu - MyPerfectShuruaat

Sudhanshu's #MyPerfectShuruaat of having a dream job

It’s not about working anymore, it’s about doing work I can be proud of, and I am proud of be a part of Wonder Cement ltd. Life is perfect, and Wonder Cement made it happen. That’s #MyPerfectShuruaat at a highly satisfying work place

-Sudhanshu Singh


Yogendra - MyPerfectShuruaat

Yodendra's #MyPerfectShuruaat into real world after college

My dreams took a big leap when I got a certificate of merit by ministry of human resources and development. During my campus placement post my B.Tech, I was nursing a fractured leg. I attempted the interview despite of the pain.
I cleared the interview successfully as I was one of the two candidates selected. I really felt proud!

-Yogendra Saidawat

Ashfaq - MyPerfectShuruaat

The perfect guardian for the perfect success!

I belong to a middle class family and my education was like a normal man and nothing special to mention. With little technical knowledge I had, the skill helped me to earn my bread and butter and support my family. In life sometimes opportunities come. I know for a fact that an opportunity missed is missed forever.  In the process I was fortunate to grab one, which needs special mention because it has given a boost to my life.

It so happened that in 1995 I happen to meet a stalwart who has a name in India and abroad in project planning and Construction. He is non-other than Shri Ibrahim Ali ji. He gave me a chance to work for projects, construction drawings, Layouts etc. I was enjoying the work and simultaneously getting the benefit of his vast experience and guidance. What I am today is because of him, and feel myself competent to face any challenge in my field. Today I realize that the day I met Shri Ibrahim Ali ji was “A Perfect Shuruaat of my Life”. There are no words to explain his obligation and i will always be indebted for his constant support on my ladder to success.

-Ashfaq Ali Attari